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Scar Revision (Camouflage)

Scar repairAfter Scar repair

The unfortunate result of some types of hair transplant procedures, is an obvious linear scar across the donor area.

At Ink-credible, we minimize the appearance of these scars and make them less noticeable.

Typically, on your first visit, we will "dry needle" the area. What that means is that we injure the scar by going over the area similar to doing a tattoo but with NO pigment. The scar tissue is forced to "re-heal" but this time it can do it slower and the outcome is a flatter, smoother scar. Sometimes the color of the scar becomes more like the surrounding healthy skin as well.

On the second visit we add pigment in dots that simulate hair follicles. The end result is that the scar is practically undetectable. The "tell-tale" sign is no longer an issue!

Generally, the fee for doing scar revision is $1000.

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