Choose freedom and confidence with Scalp Micropigmentation!

Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation can:

  • Give the look of a full, youthful head of cropped hair
  • Camouflage the symptoms of all levels of alopecia
  • Restore hairlines on part-bald or fully bald heads
  • Camouflage scarring resulting from previous hair transplant surgery
  • Hide scars, burns and birthmarks
  • Simulate a full-front, side and/or rear hairline
  • Boost the visual effect of a hair transplant

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How long do the treatments take?

This is the way we proceed:

  • Initial consultation: Could be in person, by phone or skype.
  • First session: Lasting between 3 and 5 hours depending on the complexity of your pigmentation needs.
  • Second session: From two days to a month later. This session typically takes between 2 to 3 hours.
  • Third session: A month later. It involves adding small details to create uniformity.
The three sessions must be completed within two months or additional fees will be applied.

How will I look after a treatment?

You will instantly see a new hairline. There will be some redness, which only lasts a couple of days. Typically the pigment dots will appear darker and larger than the end desired result. Over the next few weeks the color will soften and lighten to be perfect for you.

Will it Fade?

Typically the pigment dots will appear darker and larger than the end desired result. Over the next few weeks the color will soften and lighten to be perfect for you. After the first month, the color will be stable. The most important precaution is to protect the area from the sun, using sunscreen and a hat when in the sun for an extended period of time.

But yes, the pigment will fade and it is recommended to have a refresher in a year.

I have scars from a Hair Transplant, can Scalp Micropigmentation be used to camouflage them?


The way that we most often treat HT scars is to “dry needle” the scars which will improve their appearance by making them flatter and similar in color to the surrounding skin. Sometimes that is all that is needed. Other times we follow up with pigment application to further camouflage the scars.

The advantage is that after the scar has been camouflaged, you can wear your hair long or buzz it!

Is there a Guarantee?

We give one free touch-up with your service. This should be scheduled about a month after the first session. If you desire more treatments, there will be an hourly charge. We encourage our clients to come back a year afterwards for a color boost, to counter the fading that inevitably occurs.

The cost of the service after a year will be 1/2 of the original fee.

How will we design my hairline?

We take a conservative approach to the hairline. The guide for the hairline is generally four fingers width above the eyebrows. The hairline is drawn on with a white pencil. Only when we are both satisfied with the placement, do we begin the service.

How Painful is the Procedure?

Our clients mostly report that they feel "pressure" but very little, if any, pain.

I prefer to avoid any pain – can I take a painkiller?

If you wish to take a pain killer, we recommend you try a non-aspirin tablet such as ibuprofen an hour before treatment.

Will the pain continue after the treatment procedure is finished?

NO! The discomfort is only experienced during the actual scalp micropigmentation procedure.

What is the downtime?

There is no downtime. You can immediately resume your normal activities. There will be a little tenderness and a little redness for the first 24 hours. Tiny scabs may form on your new “follicle” sites, which will fall off in about a week. It can be removed with a gentle exfoliator if you desire.

How often will I need to shave?

Most men choose the freshly-shaved or closely cropped look, therefore they need to shave every two or three days.

What is the aftercare?

Do not get your head wet for 24 hours after the procedure. Sweating is not recommended in the 5 days after treatment. Shaving is also not recommended during that time. You must be committed to using sunscreen any time you are In the sun. Do not submerge your head in salt water or chlorine for at least four weeks post-procedure.

What about on-going hair loss?

When we do your hair replication procedure, we don't only address the bald portions. We blend the dots into your hair, so if you lose more hair, it will not be evident. If the time comes that you need a little more we will charge you on an hourly basis.

What if I want to change my look or even reverse the process?

Our pigment, which was developed for scalp micropigmentation can be removed with lasers. If you don't want to do that, you can just be patient because in time, it will fade.

But we make sure, through in-depth consultations that you know what you want and what you will be getting before you make an informed commitment to your scalp micropigmentation procedure.

What does it cost?

Three sessions are usually required to complete your new look. We will include a fourth session if needed. We encourage our clients to come back in a year or two for a color boost, to counter the fading that inevitably occurs. The cost of this refresher would be 1/2 of the original fee.
The cost of the "Scar revision and camouflage" is $1000 and up depending on the extent of the scarring. Hair density or hair replication on top of the head averages a cost of $3,000. It can be more or less depending on the area that needs to be treated.

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